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PETERSON is the response of young designers to conventional design.
A fusion of usability and artistic avant-garde.
Addressed to people expecting an original approach to creating everyday objects.

Sklepy Peterson

We have been designing and manufacturing leather wallets for almost 20 years. This means that the young designers mentioned above have already grown, but aren't maturity and experience guarantees of high quality?

Everything started when we run our first shop with leather goods and had to stock it with wallets. At that time, Polish producers offered rather repetitive patterns while our customers noticed all shortcomings and deficiencies in both appearance and functionality of these small size items.

A decision to create our own collection of wallets for women and men under one collective name PETERSON was bold and daring but our youthful enthusiasm, courage and systematic work quickly confirmed its validity.

The collections of PETERSON wallets had reached such well-known chains as EMPiK, Wojas, Badura and Gino Rossi, where they have been appreciated by customers for years. In 2009, we started creating our own chain of shops with wallets and today we are in over 60 location in Poland: in every region and all major shopping centres.

Wallets are just one, yet key element of our offer of leather goods. Over the years, we have become real experts in this field. We regularly participate in international fashion fairs. There, we learn about the latest technologies used in the production of leather and leather goods. Trade fairs not only give us the opportunity to be “now” in leather fashion. It is also a place of extraordinary meetings with other enthusiasts: people who devote as much energy and time to the manufacture of their wallets as we do.

Nothing gives more joy to our team than the creative process. It consists of preparing hand-drawn designs and prototypes using different types of leather, then intensive testing and choosing the best variant.

Sometimes, our customers – dedicated fans of our products and the PETERSON brand – participate in the creative process. When they submit ideas on how to improve functionality of a given model, we often take their opinions into consideration and introduce the suggested changes into the finished products.

Over the years of searching for “the best wallet in the world”, not only the PETERSON logo but also the choice of leather and the so-called universal size changed. It has quickly turned out that there is no single best model and that conventionality, repeatability, commonness and mediocrity can become a trap in the process of creating fashion. Therefore, we have decided to remain faithful to the mission of the PETERSON brand, a mission that we had created at the beginning of our journey:

PETERSON is the response of young designers to conventional design. A fusion of usability and artistic avant-garde.

Our efforts and systematic work to improve quality have been repeatedly awarded with the Customer's Golden Laurel. It is the most prestigious prize because it is awarded by the customers and their opinion is what we value most.

In the near future, we plan to open shops outside Poland and enter the stock exchange. We want to become the favourite brand of wallets of most Europeans.